Since 2009, Grupo ALC has been the company in charge of the organization of the inauguration, reopening and anniversary events of Lidl, specifically those which take place in the Levante area.

The activities carried out by Grupo ALC are diverse, and include a variety of events aimed at a children’s audience (workshops, face painting, inflatables, balloons, etc.), as well as other facets such as decoration and creation of environmental sound.

Since the beginning of the collaboration with Lidl, Grupo ALC has also been in charge of the organization of tasting events. However, a new trend is being followed, one that includes a Nordic inspiration in the more modern decorations, as well as healthier foods involved in the tastings, such as BIO products.

The last of these events took place on August 3rd, 2017, following the inauguration of a new Lidl store in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia). For this occasion, the tasting included BIO products and lemonade made with murcian lemons. Grupo ALC also provided the tents, and bags with welcome-items were given away during the first day.

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